It is near christmas. The restaurant has christmas decorations. We've planned a party for christmas at David's home. It must be exiting. This is last time we together at this restaurant. But we are going to meet together at christmas, and meet again and again. Be happy Kimo in London~
by 호연lius 2005.12.17 06:13
Many europian countries have DST.

Daylight Saving Time. Korean call that 'Summer time'

Basically, this idea is for saving electronical power.

Anyway, DST was over. Yesterday, the sun set about 6pm. But now the sun set about 5pm. End of DST means to enter into winter.
by 호연lius 2005.10.30 20:13
I've just read a book called King Arthur. I am suprised at some fact.

He wac a Wealsh. Even Lancelot was.

The sword Arthur pulled out from the stone wasn't Excaliver. Arthur proved his crown by the sword which stocked in stone. Excaliver was given with the stadbard that has power of immotality by Nimue the lady of the lake.

Merlin was a druid. He felt lonely because of Gunevie who was a wife of Arthur. So Merlin loved Nimue. But she didn't love him. So she secluded him. That's his final.

And Sir Percibal and Sir Galahed who only sun of Sir Lancelot went to heaven without death becaise of the holy grain.

Anyway exciting book.

(There may be wrong grammers and miss spellings)
by 호연lius 2005.09.02 01:18
50minutes are enough for homework.

But I did my homeworks just before lesson.

Why? Was I busy?

Who know? Keep going.
by 호연lius 2005.07.29 21:57
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