This is x-mas.

Everyone is in holiday, in family, in love with lover.
At least, There must be friends.

No family, no love, no fear, nor friends.

Am I jedi?

I've only wanted be normal. isn't it?
by 호연lius 2005. 12. 19. 04:09
The book I've read is only a thin book for pupils.

Nevertheless That isn't easy for me. I belive also you are.

He died about 40 years ago. But He is a icon of nowadays.

Resistance, Revolution, Justice.

Someone said Latin America had need a hero, so he's become the hero.

What the truth is he fought for his ideal and died. That's enough for us.

Viva, Che! You reserve to adore.
by 호연lius 2005. 10. 26. 17:33
  • Favicon of BlogIcon 레플 2005.11.01 13:48 ADDR EDIT/DEL REPLY

    아. 나도 읽어야하는데 ;ㅁ;

There is a place where is called 'New forest'

Of course there is a huge forest.

In middle age, kings and royal familys used to enjoy hunting there.

Even nowadays there are many horses and cows and some wild animals.

I've been to Buely in new forest. It was great. I touched poneys and drank cider.Even I saw fairys.

For any sake, I felt autumn like Korea.

사용자 삽입 이미지

By 기모

by 호연lius 2005. 10. 16. 22:58
  • Favicon of BlogIcon 레플 2005.10.21 11:11 ADDR EDIT/DEL REPLY

    영화에서만 보던 그런 숲인건가!

My roommate has bought Laptop. It's Toshiba M 50

I can arrange my pictures.

But not very important.
by 호연lius 2005. 9. 28. 22:06
  • Favicon of BlogIcon 레플 2005.09.29 19:12 ADDR EDIT/DEL REPLY

    그럼 중요한것은 무엇인가!

  • 호연 2005.09.29 21:43 ADDR EDIT/DEL REPLY

    I'm afraid there's no important thing.

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